Benefits of the Tor Browser

Open source, easy to use tor browser on pc. The possibility of anonymous visits to closed sectors of the Internet. Protection from network surveillance, maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.

The program is a modification of Firerfox, which greatly simplifies the work of users of this browser. Flash, cookies are automatically blocked, the history and cache of the tor browser are not saved.

Tor browser updates are regularly released for free to fix problems and bugs. Tor browser for windows can be run without installation on a computer from any media.

Quick installation

Choose a folder for unpacking files
choosing a Tor installation option

The Tor web browser, as mentioned above, is completely free and available for download to any user. Despite the presence of some disadvantages of low speed and the inability to use personal data, for example, mail, the popularity of the Tor browser is very high. With it, you can visit almost any resource blocked by the provider at the request of the authorities. This feature of the Tor browser for Windows is especially relevant recently due to the closure of a number of sites.

In addition, a whole world exists and thrives in the closed Tor network, the shadow sector of the Internet, which is also called the deep web. This part of the Web is often used for not entirely legal activities, and it is not accessible through a regular browser.

You can download the latest version of the Tor browser for free on the official page of the project, which is easily found on request in any search engine. Installation is very simple and is no different from installing a regular browser. After the installation is completed, the browser icon on the PC will appear on the desktop. When you first start the tor browser, a window will appear asking how to connect to the Tor network? It is recommended to choose a direct connection. After launching the program, you can immediately configure the desired level of security, the ability to enable JavaScript, play videos online, etc.

Tor browser for Windows provides the ability to instantly change your IP address. To do this, you need to click the settings icon in the upper corner of the browser window, and select a new chain for this site. After that, the page will reload, and the user's IP address will change, since Tor will connect through a new proxy. Using this icon, you can completely restart the browser and completely change the network configuration. To do this, select the Change identity button, allow you to close all tabs and restart Tor.

To search in the domain zone with which the Tor browser for Windows connects, there is a built-in DuckDuckGo search engine. The disadvantage of this search engine is that it only searches the open web, and is not suitable for searching the deep web. For this purpose, there is a whole set of special search engines. In all other respects, Tor Browser is practically no different from Mozilla, as it is built on its basis. Most of the tor browser windows settings, with the exception of security, are identical to those of Firefox.

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